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ProAction Fluids

Save 10% on proaction fluids

Expires wednesday, june 30, 2021

ProAction Fluids offers a full line of performance tested chemistry for horizontal directional drilling, industrial and oilfield services and also specializes in designing specialty products to meet your needs.
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Sonde batteries

Save on Sonde batteries

Expires wednesday, june 30, 2021

Don’t be caught off guard in the field with a sonde that won’t calibrate. Save on the back-up batteries that’ll make you look and feel like the most prepared one there.

Visit any of our four locations to redeem.

Parts Raffle

This Yeti Cooler could be yours

Expires Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Fill out the form below to be entered for your chance to win a Vermeer Rocky Mountain-branded Yeti cooler with every parts invoice.