Find a Sales Rep

Ready for a new piece of Vermeer equipment or looking to trade in your current unit? We can help! Our team supports new and used equipment sales across Montana, Utah, Idaho, and eastern Washington. To find your sales rep, please enter your zip code below.

If you are looking for a used piece of equipment and are located outside our territory, please email Berry Roberts at berryr@vermeermt.com.

Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts

(406) 690-8264

Eastern Montana - Full Line Sales

Brian Pedersen

Brian Pedersen

(509) 484-2441

Washington - Utility Sales

Jeff Wartman

Jeff Wartman

(801) 389-2893

Southern Utah - Environment Sales

Keith Johnson

Keith Johnson

(509) 655-0397

Washington - Environmental Sales

UT Small Compact

Matthew Wyatt

(801) 413-8576

Northern Utah - Utility Sales

Mike Marshall

Mike Marshall

(406) 855-1709

Western Montana - Environmental Sales

Padraic "Pod" Moriarty

Pod Moriarty

(406) 855-1708

Western Montana - Utility Sales


Richard Sims

(208) 559-0605

Idaho - Environmental Sales

Russ Gardner

Russ Gardner

(801) 414-3042

Southern Utah - Utility Sales

Tye Tetzlaff

Tyrone Tetzlaff

(208) 488-5557

Idaho - Utility Sales